Super shotgun (Doom Eternal)


Concept art of the super shotgun and the meat hook attachment.
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The super shotgun returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal, with a design mostly the same as its Doom (2016) predecessor. One detail in which it differs is an underslung grappling hook launcher known as the meat hook (which somewhat resembles a bayonet). The Doom Slayer can fire the meat hook into demons to traverse through the environment more swiftly and to easily move closer to demons to deal maximum damage with the shotgun itself. The super shotgun is obtained in Cultist Base where Doom Slayer neurally links to a revenant drone in order to obtain this shotgun.

"Deals massive point-blank damage to all demons. Can take out multiple fodder demons with a single blast."
― Doom Eternal dossier protip


While the super shotgun itself appears to be of Earthly design, the meat hook is composed of metals not native to Earth, suggesting it may have been made on another world. The carvings upon it are written in a pseudo-Semitic script that, according to VEGA's information, has yet to be translated - this is the same language used throughout Argent D'Nur and Sentinel Prime, indicating that it is a cultural artifact of the Night Sentinels. VEGA refers to the weapon as "a relic of your past" and "your property".

The Ungmar Codex also attests to the weapon's long history with the Doom Slayer, which the demons call the "Diabolical Musket" and "Lucifer's Bane". According to the Codex, the demons curse the super shotgun's might and swear that one day they will melt it down and pour the slurry upon the Slayer's entrails.



Quick Hook
Meat Hook recharge time is decreased by 25%
Costs 3 weapon points
Fast Hands
Super Shotgun reload speed increased by 33%
Costs 6 weapon points
Mastery - Flaming Hook
The Meat Hook will set enemies on fire for a short time, inflicting damage over time and causing them to drop armor shards. Ignited enemies do not burn as long as they would with the Flame belch.
Unlocked by killing 50 enemies while using the Meat Hook.


  • This version of the super shotgun is the first time since the pre-release versions of Doom that a weapon has been equipped with a underslung attachment or modification - the assault rifle originally intended for the game possessed a bayonet which was later replaced by the Doomguy's fists.