Supercharge (mod)


Title screen
Author Tango
Ports GZDoom, Zandronum
IWAD Doom, Doom II
Year 2019
Link Doomworld forums thread

Supercharge is a gameplay mod by Tango for GZDoom and Zandronum. It originated in the gameplay changes of the partial conversion Paradise, which were released as a separate mod on September 21, 2019. Tango has since made further changes and upgrades to Supercharge relative to what appeared in Paradise. The mod offers enhancements to monsters, weapons and overall presentation, but was specifically designed to be used as a mapping resource, rather than solely as a gameplay mod. As such, while Supercharge does add new weapons and monsters to the game, along with features like smooth animations, increased gibs, extra death animations, and reloading, its enhancements are more restrained in nature when compared to gameplay mods like Brutal Doom or Trailblazer.

Tango describes Supercharge as "first and foremost a mapping resource" that "can also be used as a gameplay mod".

Custom content[edit]

General overview[edit]

  • New weapon and monster sprites, new sounds, bullet casings, alternate deaths, gibs, terrain splashes, two "new" HUDs, and other various things.
  • Automatic pistol starts (GZDoom only). In-game, navigate to "SC Options" from the main menu to toggle this setting.
  • Damage has been normalized across the board. Each player and monster attack does a set, non-random amount of damage. The non-random values are generally what the average random version would be. A projectile formerly dealing between 10 and 20 damage would now do 15, for example.
  • Instant weapon switching. Weapon switching is instant for all weapons. This allows you to combo certain weapon shots together.
  • New monsters and tweaked weapons. See the respective categories below for more info.


NOTE: All monsters below marked with a (*) will only show up in-game when placed specifically by a mapper. If Supercharge is used as a gameplay mod (i.e. to play with Scythe), none of the marked monsters, as well as any of the additionally variants of the unmarked monsters, will be present in-game unless playing on the Ultra-Randomized difficulty setting.

Machinegun guy*
A reskin of the chaingunner (though visually much closer to a zombieman), but fires in bursts rather than full-auto, each shot doing nine damage.
Zombie variant with 180 HP and a grenade launcher. Grenades bounce until they lose momentum, then lay still for about one second (40 tics) before exploding, causing 50 blast damage within a radius of 96 map units. The player can safely run through still grenades. If the grenade hits a target while it still in flight or bouncing around, it will immediately explode and the projectile deals an extra 10 damage on top. Killing the grenadier with an explosive attack will detonate the grenades strapped to it, causing a secondary explosion on the enemy for additional damage to surrounding monsters.
Tortured soul*
A variant of the pain elemental with 360 HP that shoots a green cacodemon projectile out of its eye, which weaves left and right as it flies through the air and does 20 damage. The tortured soul releases small toxic clouds upon pain chance and death, which hang in the air about three seconds and doing two blast damage every two tics (resulting in about 55 DPS) within a radius of 24 map units.
Flying low-tier monster with 200 HP that shoots three homing projectiles nearly simultaneously. The projectiles hang in the air for a brief moment before firing toward the player with momentary but strong homing. Each projectile deals 20 damage to its target. The temporary nature of the homing effect makes the projectiles easier to dodge at a distance, and the limited turn-radius of the homing means that immediately standing behind the wicked once it spawns a volley will make the projectiles unable to home in properly. Comes in an additional "slow" version that shoots a single projectile, which flies at half speed.
Pyro demon*
A Hell knight variant with 500 HP that shoots out a fast, comet-like fire projectile (20% faster than a player rocket) that deals 32 damage and breaks up into nine small chunks that each create a burning patch of ground upon impact with the floor, each lasting for about 2.3 seconds and doing five blast damage every three tics (resulting in about 55 DPS) within a radius of 13 map units.
Flying mancubus (see behemoth) with 600 HP. Its firing pattern is slightly different from the behemoth in that it starts center-focused and spreads further out with each volley.
Cyber baron*
A variant of the baron of Hell with 700 HP and a chance to fire a rocket out of its rocket arm (62.5%), in addition to its regular green fireball attack (which does 36 damage). Once under ~50% health, a strong attack (anything but chaingun/assault rifle and non-berserked fist attacks) will destroy its rocket arm, leaving it with only the green fireball attack. Its rockets (which are distinct from player rockets) deal 80 damage plus 96 blast damage within a radius of 96 map units. The chaingun and assault rifle as well as the non-berserked fists all have a zero percent chance of triggering the cyber baron's pain state (normally at ~15.6%), while both the chainsaw and rockets have an increased pain chance of ~78%, allowing it to be reliably stunlocked by the chainsaw. A chainsaw attack will also instantly cut off its rocket arm. Also note that while the cyber baron explodes upon death, leaving behind two rocket pickups, this does not cause any blast damage to its surroundings.
Fiery-red cousin of the arch-vile with 800 HP and a zero percent pain chance. It summons exploding plumes of fire beneath the player’s feet that linger for about 1.8 seconds and then explode three times in a row for area-denial, with each explosion dealing 28 blast damage within a radius of 28 map units. An additional version which does not resurrect corpses is also included.
Weak cyberdemon*
A variant of the cyberdemon with green wiring that has 3000 HP and is susceptible to blast damage. Its rockets (which are distinct from player rockets) deal 80 damage plus 96 blast damage within a radius of 96 map units. It comes with two additional variants: one with a slower wind-up time before shots (24 tics instead of six) and double the cooldown time after afterwards; and another that will drop a stomper (→see weapons) and a stomper ammo box (containing 15 missiles) upon death.
Shotgun guy
A reskin for the shotgunner that fires three pellets per shot, each doing nine damage. Its head detaches from its body after death, rolling along the ground while giving off a distinct clanking sound. A goth variant is available as well, which is functionally identical, but will not lose its head unless killed by a strong attack (anything but chaingun/assault rifle and non-berserked fist attacks), in which case it will be violently ripped off instead off simply detaching.
Plasma zombie
A replacement for the zombieman with 40 HP that fires two shots of plasma—each doing eight damage—instead of a single hitscan bullet. Comes in two versions, with the default version dropping half clips (five bullets) after death while the other one does not drop anything.
Fires a slightly faster projectile than the vanilla imp (~30% faster), which deals 14 damage. Also comes with a "slow" variant, which fires a projectile that is only 10% faster that the vanilla version.
Lost soul
Has its HP lowered from 100 to 60 compared to its vanilla counterpart.
Chaingun guy
A minor reskin of the chaingunner, only with a blue uniform instead of the regular red one. Comes in four different versions, with the default version not dropping anything after death, while the other three each drop a different item: either an assault rifle, chaingun, or clip. Each variant also comes with "slow" version that decreases the rate of fire by 50% (12 tics instead of 8 between each shot).
Mecha demon/spectre
A demon or spectre without eyes and a mechanical lower body, which walks and bites faster than its vanilla counterpart, with each bite doing 20 damage. A functionally identical variant called blood demon/spectre in also included, which has an all-red body and large black horns. Furthermore, both variants also come with "slow" versions, which have their walking and attack speed reset to vanilla levels.
Same stats as the vanilla revenant but fires its projectile from its shoulder cannon instead of the center of its body, with each missiles dealing 45 damage. Note that its missiles will not home in on targets that are invisible, meaning both players that have picked up an invisibility sphere as well as spectres. Also come in a "slow" version, which will fire missiles that are 20% slower and, in the case of homing missiles, only correct their course to find their target half as often, significantly decreasing their homing ability over short distances.
A green reskin of the cacodemon that fires slower projectiles than its vanilla counterpart that do 24 damage.
Pain elemental
Has a small, damaging explosion upon death, that applies 32 damage within a radius of 96 map units, to make it slightly less safe to stay in its face to block lost souls from spawning upon death. However, by default this explosion is turned off in its code.
Same stats as the vanilla arachnotron, but fires its projectiles in strings of four with a small gap in between each bunch, with each projectile dealing 20 damage. Comes with an additional "slow" version that has its walking speed reduced by ~17% and an the cooldown after each string of shots increased by 50%.
Hell knight/baron of Hell
Both the Hell knight and the baron of Hell are given a minor reskin, with the only functional difference being that they make use of separate code pointers for their melee and ranged attacks, which results in their melee attack not switching to a fireball if the player gets out of melee range just in time, making it easier to stay close to them.
Same stats as its vanilla mancubus, but fires its projectiles out of its cannons now, rather than the center of its body, making the projectiles a little tougher to dodge. Its projectiles do 28 damage each. Comes with an additional "slow" version, whose projectiles are 25% slower and have a 50% longer delay between volleys.
Same stats as the vanilla arch-vile, but with 800 HP, and attacking it with the chaingun will double its pain chance.
Spider mastermind
Now has a bit less than half of its vanilla pain chance, and shoots a very fast and damaging projectile in rapid bursts of two, each dealing 13 damage, in place of its vanilla hitscan attack. Comes with a secondary variant that will drop both a scrap gun (→see weapons) as well as a drum of scrap ammo (containing 20 shots) upon death.
Shoots rockets from its cannon, rather than the center of its body. Its rockets (which are distinct from player rockets) deal 80 damage plus 96 blast damage within a radius of 96 map units. Comes with two additional variants: one with a slower wind-up time before shots (24 tics instead of six) and double the cooldown time after afterwards; and another that will drop a stomper (→see weapons) and a stomper ammo box (containing 15 missiles) upon death.

The only monsters that remain completely untouched by the mod are Romero's head, the Wolfenstein SS, and Commander Keen.


Non-berserked damage is 30, while the berserk punch deals 150 damage.
Damage has been substantially buffed (25 damage with every hit), and the range slightly increased. Triggering the cyber baron’s pain state with a chainsaw is a guaranteed disarm.
Shots are much more powerful (22 damage), and much faster, than vanilla, but at the cost of having to reload every eight bullets.
Fires faster, has tighter horizontal spread but with equal vertical spread. Can fire eight shells before reload, with each shot consisting of 10 individual pellets dealing nine damage each. Includes an alternate Gothic skin which can be toggled in the SC Options menu.
Super shotgun
Slightly tighter horizontal spread, and a few frames faster at firing too. Each shot fires 21 pellets dealing 10 damage. Powerful as a combo-ender (i.e. four scrap shell shots into instant SSG) thanks to instant weapon switching. Includes an alternate Gothic skin which can be toggled in the SC Options menu.
Assault rifle
Automatic firing rifle that reloads after 30 shots. Bullets are significantly more powerful than the vanilla chaingun (20 damage per bullet). The weapon becomes more inaccurate with successive shots, reaching peak inaccuracy after 20 shots, with spread gradually recovering when the weapon is equipped and idle.
Mostly the vanilla chaingun, with a slightly increased rate of fire (7 tics per cycle instead of 8) and each shot doing 13 damage; also uses a new sound and has a subtle screen-shake effect added to its firing animation.
Scrap gun*
Projectile shotgun which fires 25 pellets per shot, each doing six damage for a total of 150 damage for a full blast. However, due to its extreme spread it is largely inefficient for anything other than short-range attacks.
Micro-missile launcher. Each volley fires several micro missiles that detonate after limited range, but explode several times over a small area for up to 400 damage on a single target. Very good for crowd control.
Rocket launcher
10% increased rate of fire, and double the projectile speed. The projectile deals 116 damage plus 84 blast damage within radius of 96 map units, resulting in a lower average overall damage. Direct hits therefore are much more important.
Plasma rifle
Reloads every 40 shots. Otherwise, quite similar to its vanilla counterpart in terms of damage output and speed. Each plasma projectile does 30 damage.
Projectile hitbox size slightly increased, and projectile sprite size slightly decreased, but otherwise no major changes.

There is a toggle in the "SC Options" section of the menu that enables a buffed vanilla-ish chaingun in place of the assault rifle, but the assault rifle is the default.

In addition to the new monster & weapon things that one can place in a map, Supercharge also includes a few dozen decor items like trees and hanging lights.

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