Surgery kit


A surgery kit behind security bars in MAP15: Fortress: Administration.

The surgery kit, called the field surgery kit in-game, is an item from Strife. When used it will restore all of the user's health up to their current maximum, as dictated by the stamina stat. This item must be used manually, whether the Auto-Health feature is activated or not.

Up to five kits can be held in a player's inventory at any time.

Surgery kits become more effective as the player's stamina increases, as the maximum amount of health they can provide will also increase. They are particularly useful for restoring health that is consumed when firing the Sigil.


Surgery kit data
Thing type 83 (decimal), 53 (hex)
Enum MT_INV_MED3 (127)
Appears in Strife demo
Strife full version
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite FULL
Frames 2 [AB]
Class Item
Flags 1 (decimal)
00000001 (hex)
Flags list 0: Can be picked up
Flags2 - VE 0 (decimal)
00000000 (hex)

Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWAD the surgery kit is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWAD contains the following numbers of surgery kits per skill level: