Opening scene of Strife running in glstrife, demonstrating the OpenGL renderer, one of the new additions in SvStrife-plus.

Standard Doom, Boom, MBF
Codebase SvStrife
Developer(s) Andrey Budko (entryway)
Initial release 1.4.1 (2006-02-01, 18 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Windows
License GNU General Public License v2+

SvStrife-plus, also known as Strife-plus, was an experimental source port created by Andrey Budko (entryway). It is derived from SvStrife and introduces various new features courtesy of PrBoom+, including an OpenGL renderer.


Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser) released SvStrife version 1.4 and its source code on January 27, 2006.[1] SvStrife-plus was released on February 1, 2006 when Entryway in a Doomworld forums post announced the port. Citing that he never had seen Strife, never played it and didn't have it installed on his hard disk, he spent one and a half hours bringing several new additions to the SvStrife source code and released the code without testing.

It was to be the only release of the port.


Kaiser was pleased with the enhancements provided by Budko's work and promised to include its improvements in a future release, as noted in this Doomworld forums post. However, this future release never came to prominence.


SvStrife-plus introduces several new features courtesy of PrBoom+ 2.26.29 and backported these to the PrBoom 2.23 based renderer found in svstrife.exe:

  • Includes an OpenGL 1.1 renderer through a separate executable, glstrife.exe. It is based off GLBoom
  • Uncapped framerate (movement_smooth)
  • "Invert mouse" feature (movement_mouseinvert)
  • Smoother mouse control (movement_altmousesupport)
  • Mouse acceleration code (mouse_acceleration)
  • Variable gamespeed (Num+, Num-, Num*)
  • OpenGL: Full mouse look (movement_mouselook, mouse_sensitivity_mlook, movement_mouseinvert)
  • OpenGL: FOV (render_fov)
  • OpenGL: "Smart Items Clipping" setting (render_smartitemsclipping)


  • SvStrife-plus was found in a hidden folder on Sourceforge, bearing the name OldFiles. Because it was never mentioned outside the aforementioned Doomworld thread, it remained hidden in plain sight.

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  1. Doomworld forums thread
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