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Codebase DOSDoom 0.47
Developer(s) TAS Team (Yonatan Donner, Esko Koskimaa, Peo Sjöblom)
Initial release Version 1 (1998-12-15, 24 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

TASDoom was a source port and fork based on DOSDoom version 0.47, made specifically for TAS demos. It is based off a program by Andy Kempling (aurikan), called lmpcheat, which along with another program of Kempling's called Timer became the basis for TASDoom.


TASDoom was created out of a need for more granularity in recording demos. Till then, demos were recorded in DOOM2.EXE and DOSDoom which didn't support advanced TAS features. It was derived from lmpcheat which allowed recording in slow-motion and in multiple sessions. These formed the basis for TASDoom. As a result, a TASDoom demo cannot run in DOSDoom, although converters exist.

TASDoom saw a single release, which was on December 15, 1998. It became a popular choice to record LMPs with alongside its bigger brother, TASMBF. As the years progressed, TASDoom was slowly replaced by new ports that could run under multiple operating systems, such as PrBoom.


  • All features from DOSDoom 0.47:
    • Hi-Color support
    • High resolution support
    • CD-audio support
    • -novert support
    • Automap-overlay mode
  • Changes to the HUD to provide additional information
  • Ability to record in slow-motion. Speeds from 20 fps up to 350+ fps are selectable
  • Can record, play and switch between multiple speed modes in game

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