TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack


TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames

TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack (sometimes referred to as TNT MIDI Pack) is a music pack made for the first half of Final Doom, TNT: Evilution. It is vanilla compatible in the sense that all tracks can be played back in vanilla Doom. There is an optional add-on WAD for ZDoom-based ports that uses an ACS script to display the track name and its respective author at the start of a level. The MIDI files themselves are also included.

The project was first announced in the Doomworld forums on May 5, 2021 by Cammy, and unlike most community MIDI packs, TNT MIDI Pack did not accept any submissions since Cammy had already sought out other composers to collaborate with him in secret before. The first version of the WAD was released on June 17, 2021 to celebrate Final Doom's 25th anniversary, and the final build was uploaded to the /idgames archive on August 4, 2021.

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Length Inspiration / base
Detonation Joshua O'Sullivan (Dragonfly) MAP01: System Control 03:54 "Sadistic" by L.A. Sieben
Don’t Stop Bleedin’ Nathan Maxx (Lippeth) MAP02: Human BBQ 03:20 "Smells Like Burning Corpse" & "Headshot Hole" by L.A. Sieben
Triangular Currents Paul Corfiatis (pcorf) MAP03: Power Control 02:19 -
Broken Mirror Tristan Clark MAP04: Wormhole 03:29 "Death's Bells" by L.A. Sieben
The St. Louis Slammer Cammy MAP05: Hanger 03:47 "More" by Tom Mustaine
Wretched Harangue Joshua O'Sullivan (Dragonfly), Nathan Maxx (Lippeth) MAP06: Open Season 05:09 "Agony Rhapsody" by L.A. Sieben
Escaping the Doomed Fortress Myrgharok (TheUltimateDoomer666) MAP07: Prison 05:30 "Soldier of Chaos" by Jonathan El-Bizri
Growling Belly JD Herrera MAP08: Metal 03:12 "Into the Beast's Belly" by L.A. Sieben
Revenant Capoeira Gustavo Rehermann (wallabra), continuum.mid MAP09: Stronghold 02:32 -
Oakset Cammy MAP10: Redemption 04:44 "Infinite" by Tom Mustaine
Source of Stress Adam Post (Doomkid), James Paddock (Jimmy) MAP11: Storage Facility 03:33 "Let's Kill at Will" by Jonathan El-Bizri
Inside the Devil’s Lungs JD Herrera MAP12: Crater 05:14 -
Hey There, Moonbeam Nathan Maxx (Lippeth), Cammy MAP13: Nukage Processing 04:35 -
Introducing Mrs. Tier F Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP14: Steel Works 02:58 "Cold Subtleness" by Jonathan El-Bizri
A Foggy Night Stuart Rynn (stewboy) MAP15: Dead Zone 02:08 -
Wrought in Blood Varis Alpha MAP16: Deepest Reaches 04:59 "Blood Jungle" by Jonathan El-Bizri
Not Wearing Plaid Lee Jackson MAP17: Processing Area 03:25 -
Milling Around Lee Jackson MAP18: Mill 07:16 -
Minds Like Magnets Tomás Soares (Deadwing) MAP19: Shipping/Respawning 04:05 -
The Doom World is Flat decino MAP20: Central Processing 05:18 "Horizon" by Tom Mustaine
Drywall Gustavo Rehermann (wallabra), decino MAP21: Administration Center 05:39 -
Sewer of Confusion (No More Plats Mix) DCG Retrowave, Cammy MAP22: Habitat 03:18 "AimShootKill" by Tom Mustaine
Return of the Troubles Jeremy Doyle MAP23: Lunar Mining Project 05:56 -
Terror Firma Nathan Maxx (Lippeth) MAP24: Quarry 03:41 -
Stomping Grounds Lee Jackson MAP25: Baron's Den 05:40 -
Impending End The Green Herring MAP26: Ballistyx 03:10 -
Knights of Zettazepto Cammy MAP27: Mount Pain 05:54 -
Abyssal Mystery Paul Corfiatis (pcorf) MAP28: Heck 03:12 -
The Knives That Carved the Megalith Cammy MAP29: River Styx 05:26 -
Savior of Humanity continuum.mid, Cammy MAP30: Last Call 04:53 -
Soulsweeper TrialD, Cammy MAP31: Pharaoh 05:29 "Legion of the Lost" by L.A. Sieben
Into a Sandy City Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP32: Caribbean 02:02 "Into Sandy's City" by Bobby Prince
The Mothership’s Wake continuum.mid Title screen 00:17 "TNT Title" by Tom Mustaine
TeNeT Cammy Intermission screen 01:23 "Legion of the Lost" by L.A. Sieben
Technoparchment Varis Alpha Text screen 05:14 An untitled track by Josh Martel

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