Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames
An example of the level design employed as well as the widescreen graphics (from MAP07).

Twango1 (TWANGO1.WAD) is a 2021 deathmatch megawad community project led by OpenRift. It contains 32 levels that try to keep the spirit of the original DWANGO compilations and was made by Doomworld members over the course of two months. It is fully vanilla compatible and can be run on any multiplayer source port. In addition to the main PWAD, there is also a wad with widescreen graphics in the zip. Twango1 features numerous custom textures, a DeHackEd patch that replaces the intermission text with humorous additions, and a custom status bar. A sequel for Ultimate Doom, called The Ultimate TWANGO, was released the next year in 2022.



  • MAP01: Eternal Legacy by IggySqiggles
  • MAP02: Mr. TWANGO by Mr. Rocket
  • MAP03: Menace by Neil, Chase1, and Doomkid
  • MAP04: Shipment by OpenRift
  • MAP05: Enemy by Jeffry_Enemy and Doomkid
  • MAP06: Liminal Base by Joe_Ilya
  • MAP07: Even Simpler by Mechadon, DeXiaZ, and OpenRift
  • MAP08: BrownWar by Hellbent
  • MAP09: Joe's House by Joe_Ilya
  • MAP10: Refinery by OpenRift
  • MAP11: Server Rooms on Fire by Redead-ITA and Joe_Ilya
  • MAP12: All Night Frags by Doomkid
  • MAP13: The Library by Joe_Ilya
  • MAP14: Blood Yard by Captain Toenail
  • MAP15: Unmazed by Doomkid
  • MAP16: Fatal Frag by Captain Toenail
  • MAP17: Devil's Deuteronomy by IggySqiggles
  • MAP18: Grisly Gibs by Captain Toenail
  • MAP19: Interdimansia by Gokuma
  • MAP20: Engine 3000 by Niemamordy
  • MAP21: Bunker Buster by Captain Toenail
  • MAP22: Mr. Crunchy by Mr. Rocket
  • MAP23: Silenced Lamasery by Gokuma
  • MAP24: Streets by IggySqiggles
  • MAP25: Sadistic by DCG Retrowave
  • MAP26: Romero's Void by OpenRift
  • MAP27: Deathmatch Temple by RebelVodka
  • MAP28: Sewage Plant by Arrowhead12
  • MAP29: Warp Routine by CyberEmperor
  • MAP30: Back to Basics by Hellbent
  • MAP31: D5M4 ReDux (a.k.a. This Fucking Map) by Gokuma
  • MAP32: Quad Goal Deathmatch! by Gokuma


Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features three built-in demos showing deathmatch gameplay. All require Doom II v1.9 to view them. The demo levels are:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 MAP04: Shipment 4-player deathmatch 8190.25 3:54.01
DEMO2 MAP20: Engine 3000 4-player deathmatch 8190.25 3:54.01
DEMO3 MAP32: Quad Goal Deathmatch! 4-player altdeath 8190.25 3:54.01

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