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The talismans are secretive items added to Strife in the 2014 re-release as Strife: Veteran Edition. There exist three talismans: red, green, and blue. Collecting them all grants the player super strength, similar to the berserk powerup in Doom and normally only available with the pumpup b cheat code in Strife. It also unlocks the Berserk Reborn achievement.

Graphically, the red and blue talismans are identical to the chalice return spots in Capture the Chalice mode. These graphics exist in every version of the STRIFE1.WAD IWAD file, but were completely unused. Their sprite names, beginning with FLG, suggest that they may have originally been intended for a CTF related purpose. They are similar in appearance to Toltec depictions of humans, in particular the famous Atlantean figures.


Talisman data
Red talisman Green talisman Blue talisman
Thing type 7966 (decimal), 1F1E (hex) 7967 (decimal), 1F1F (hex) 7968 (decimal), 1F20 (hex)
Radius 16
Height 16
Frames 1 (A, bright)
Class Artifact items
Flags 131073 (decimal)
00020001 (hex)
Flags list 0: Can be picked up
17: Dropped by enemy
Flags2 - VE 2 (decimal)
00000002 (hex)
Flags2 list 1: Render as billboard

As a nod to Doom 64, the pickup messages are the same as those of the Demon Key artifacts from that game.

  • Red Talisman: "You have a feeling that it wasn't to be touched..."
  • Green Talisman: "Whatever it is, it doesn't belong in this world..."
  • Blue Talisman: "It must do something..."

When collecting the last of them, "You have super strength!" is appended to the pickup message.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.
  • The blue talisman is easy to locate. An added alcove in MAP12: The Temple of the Oracle can be seen just before talking with the Oracle. Afterward, this alcove will have opened and the artifact can be collected.
  • The green talisman is hidden in an out-of-the-way secret area in MAP25: Catacombs: Ruined Temple. After lowering a secret wall near the water fountains and running a gauntlet of crushers, using the broken pillar in one corner reveals the item.
  • The red talisman is found at the end of the super-secret MAP35: Factory: Production level. It is necessary to kill all crusaders in this area in order to lower the pillar upon which it rests.
Spoilers end here.