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Small Clip Count[edit]

The page says that the BFG Edition has 15 Small Clips, but as there is no editor I have looked everywhere and could not find the last one.

The small clip locations that I found (in the BFG Edition) are as follows:

Alpha Labs Reception- 1

Atomic Stabilization Hub- 2 (not in the original)

EPD Particle Filter- 1

EPD Particle Emulsifier- 2

Storage Area 2- 2

Hydrocon Junction 1- 4

Hydrocon Junction 3- 2

Total- 14

Is the page wrong or am I missing one?

Edit: There is another one in Atomic Stabilization Hub after you backtrack. There are 2 clips if you play on Recruit. The wiki is right, sorry. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bonciu (talkcontribs) .