surely the arachnatron's rate of fire is not 525 rpm. are the rates of attacks found in the game or are they being guessed?

It wasn't a guess: It was a miscalculation: The arachnotrons rate of fire is 262.5 RPM (In the last edit, this was rounded up) -- TheDarkArchon 14:56, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

Rate of fire[edit]

(on previous edit) Again, behold the good old id's copypasting goodness.

Arachnotron firing states from info.c:

   {SPR_BSPI,32768,20,{A_FaceTarget},S_BSPI_ATK2,0,0},	// S_BSPI_ATK1
   {SPR_BSPI,32774,4,{A_BspiAttack},S_BSPI_ATK3,0,0},	// S_BSPI_ATK2
   {SPR_BSPI,32775,4,{NULL},S_BSPI_ATK4,0,0},		// S_BSPI_ATK3
   {SPR_BSPI,32775,1,{A_SpidRefire},S_BSPI_ATK2,0,0},	// S_BSPI_ATK4

same for the plasma rifle:

   {SPR_PLSG,0,3,{A_FirePlasma},S_PLASMA2,0,0},	// S_PLASMA1
   {SPR_PLSG,1,20,{A_ReFire},S_PLASMA,0,0},		// S_PLASMA2

and for reference, attack sequence of the chainguy:

   {SPR_CPOS,4,10,{A_FaceTarget},S_CPOS_ATK2,0,0},	// S_CPOS_ATK1
   {SPR_CPOS,32773,4,{A_CPosAttack},S_CPOS_ATK3,0,0},	// S_CPOS_ATK2
   {SPR_CPOS,32772,4,{A_CPosAttack},S_CPOS_ATK4,0,0},	// S_CPOS_ATK3
   {SPR_CPOS,5,1,{A_CPosRefire},S_CPOS_ATK2,0,0},	// S_CPOS_ATK4

Bolded numbers are the durations of those states which are looped during sustained fire; this gives:

  • Arachontron (9 tics per shot): 1*60/(9/35) = 233.(3) rpm
  • Plasmagun (3 tics per shot): 1*60/(3/35) = 700 rpm
  • Chainguy (9 tics per 2 shots): 2*60/(9/35) = 466.(6) rpm (twice the spider's)

--Unmaker 23:48, 18 December 2013 (UTC)