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The following is based on my "Tatakai Human Factors Run" on 18-19 Sept, which I had extensively logged and experimented. Watching speed runs has given me some insights as to her path (Tatakai is the flying angel creature which replaces the Doomguy in the FHD Remix story, where the Doom 3 game is the "First Battle of Mars") Most of my experimentation was with the four that you encounter in Delta Complex 2b, especially the last one in the transfer chamber lobby. I haven't tried the Chainsaw.

Tactical Analysis: The Arch-Vile must be attacked first of the available enemies when encountered. The reason is that it will not summon more enemies if there are (in its estimation) enough enemies in the area already. Kill those and it will summon more. The exception to this is if the player is charging the Soul Cube. (Charging the Soul Cube for health purposes in the presence of an Arch-Vile is not recommended!) It is easiest to prosecute at short range using chaingun, plasma rifle, or shotgun. It will usually take three shotgun blasts at close range, but if the player is lucky and accurate, it can be brought down in two, but this is very difficult. They do not move quickly, making them easy to hit with the hand grenades, rocket launcher, and BFG at longer ranges. Use of the Enforcer machine gun and pistol against Arch-Viles is not recommended. Its favorite minions to summon are Imps and Dodgy Commandoes, but they have also been known to bring in "Cherubs" two at a time.

Fhd remix 22:42, October 8, 2009 (UTC) Terry Wilson

Classic Behavior[edit]

I can't find any source, but I do remember that coding for Archviles to resurrect fallen enemies does apparently exist, and that the only thing preventing it is that demon corpses burn. 10:17, 21 July 2012 (UTC)