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Honorable mentions[edit]

For context, lines like "At the 2021 Cacowards it was listed in the special 21 More For '21 section" on individual project pages create a prestige tier that really isn't meant to exist (it sort of makes that feel like something to work for and an "omission" as a bad thing -- when in reality the 21 there are heavily editorialized in a way that even the other mainline awards/runners-up aren't) and also isn't really distinct from the other special features. The function of that feature is mostly a convenient condensation of the Coffee Break, Challenge Sidebar, Misc Community Tour type features that were dissolved into something more organized, with the many near runner-ups included too. Those mentions are pretty much the same "level" and relevance as the other special features (which are in some cases blurbed as basically-HMs). So it'd be most accurate to avoid that on project pages, and in the Caco pages, to list special features too if they are listed, in a section like "Honorable Mentions and Special Features". --Rd (talk) 00:20, 21 December 2021 (CST)

I'm glad you posted this here. I agree; adding that stuff to the wiki waters-down the Cacoward distinction. There are already plenty of winners and runners-up each year. (But from a casual, non-wiki standpoint it's cool that these people who worked hard on their projects get a nice paragraph of recognition.) -PhilthyPhilistine (talk) 00:32, 21 December 2021 (CST)
There was some historical precedence for Honorable Mentions in 2004 and 2010. A few days before the 2021 edition, Dynamo alerted me that a special page with 21 entries was being prepared. Our discussion both on the wiki and on IRC then led to support for HMs in the {{wad}} template and the related category. But I guess I made too big a deal about it in the intro descriptions -- they're downplayed now. --Xymph (talk) 06:11, 21 December 2021 (CST)
Should honorable mentions have the Cacoward sidebar thing, though? It's a visually prominent item in a map's article that I think should be reserved for winners and runners-up. A statement in the lede is enough of an honorable mention in those articles. -PhilthyPhilistine (talk) 12:18, 21 December 2021 (CST)
I strongly think yes, it's very convenient for browsing, and complements the map articles pretty well. The fact it's also mentioned on the page is the same as the main winners and runners-up, there's no extra "honor" for that. --Dynamo128 (talk) 12:20, 21 December 2021 (CST)