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I would say that I had a hand in the death of this clan. At the time (in 2005), the clan was divided in two. There was Elite Prime and Italian Stallion on one side and Devin and Saph on the other. While some others sided with one side, me and a few others stayed neutral. Sadfully, I was a double agent in a way. I was in both places as I remained neutral. However, I listened to both of the leaders as I wanted the dispute to end. However, the major problem of this was that Saph primarily wanted log files of everyone's conversations. I gave those logs without any hesistation. Despite this, I did my best to try to help the clan recover by having each side make up. But in the end, the scars were too deep to be healed. Despite all the chaos, we peacefully disbanded and left the clan behind us. Saph went poof, and I believe Devin did also as I've never seen him reappear really (unless he name changed). After the disband, remaining members had joined other clans or started new ones. I myself joined HKS, then BR which was founded by a former C-D member. GhostlyDeath 06:42, February 21, 2010 (UTC)