Automated transfer of Problem Report #19837[edit]

The following message was left by Anonymous via PR #19837 on 2009-03-15 09:06:28 UTC

At least for the shareware DOOM.EXE, the SHA-1 and MD5 codes match the file from idSoftware FTP, but the CRC32 does not match. The DOOM.EXE file installed by has a CRC32 of be91c727. I have checked with two different utilities to reduce the possibility of software error in generating the code, and be91c727 is verified by other users who downloaded from other sources. Please amend the article with the correct CRC32, and check the other EXEs too.

MD5 for 1.25 not an MD5[edit]

That looks like a SHA-1 hash to me. Either the header of the column in the table needs to be changed, or the proper hash should be put there for consistency. MD5 and SHA-1 may both be block-cipher hash algorithms, but they're not interchangeable by any stretch of the imagination. --Quasar 03:50, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

Note this has been fixed now. Thanks fraggle --Quasar 19:47, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

not listet version[edit]

i've found a DOOM.EXE that is not listet in your wiki. the displayed version (when starting game) is 1.2:

12.03.2014  16:28               787 DEFAULT.CFG
17.02.1994  02:20           580.489 DOOM.EXE
17.02.1994  02:20        10.399.316 DOOM.WAD
17.02.1994  02:20               439 FILE_ID.DIZ
17.02.1994  02:20            32.232 IPXSETUP.EXE
17.02.1994  02:20             7.527 LICENSE.DOC
17.02.1994  02:20               393 MODEM.CFG
17.02.1994  02:20            34.484 README.EXE
17.02.1994  02:20            36.665 SERSETUP.EXE
29.08.2012  09:34            45.884 SETUP.EXE
Is this a shareware or registered version? In the event that it is shareware, is there a link available for download? If it is not shareware, can you upload just the executable file somewhere? (this is generally considered acceptable since the the program is free and open source anyway - it's the IWAD that we don't want to inadvertently distribute). --Quasar 16:32, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
it's a registered version. i'll contact you via email (found here: