As for the secrets[edit]

The free version was updated and released as v1.1 (time stamp of the ZIP itself posted at idgames: 29 May 2020 23:58:42 GMT) to include all map edits applied to the official add-on. In fact, all maps do match byte-for-byte. Thus, I think that XymphBot ought to be rerun to reflect this fact. Diabolución (talk) 09:13, 9 November 2020 (CST)

Maps of deathless.wad (MD5: 08d3a10bb7eabc86df7bcaa32dc7eb91, time stamp: 25/05/2020 14:21:30 GMT) vs. deathless_beth.wad (MD5: 39581def0468c7d997f52620d07d84d0, time stamp: 03/09/2020 17:50:21 GMT [updated to include widescreen assets]), as extracted to loose maps by Deutex 5.2.1:

Diabolución (talk) 09:35, 9 November 2020 (CST)