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TAG Cheat Usage and Onslaught/Overdrive cheat effect misnomers.[edit]

A couple of things that could potentially be addressed with this article:

  • The availability of certain cheats on the TAG Expansions is not listed, and should probably be worth highlighting (potentially in its own column).
  • The effects of the Onslaught and Overdrive cheats are mislabeled as "Quad Damage" and "Haste". Overdrive provides infinite ammo for all weapons (sans Superweapons like the BFG, Unmaykr and Crucible) on top of a haste-like movement speed/weapon fire rate boost. I myself am unsure of Overdrive's exact effects (exact damage multiplication, secondary effects, etc.), but not renaming its effect also would look somewhat out of place. -- Romero%27s_B!tch (talk) 9:22, 27 July 2021 (AEST)