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The following information is not already included in the wiki:

  • Robert Waring: Killer Doom: Tips & Tricks, Brady Publishing
  • Rick Barba: Doom Battlebook: Secrets of the Games series, Prima Publishing, ISBN 1-55958-651-6
  • In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, in the episode-selection screen, the player is allowed to try the shareware demo of the game. The episode screen is a parody of the Doom II box-art and even the text "Shareware Demo" is written using the Doom font. This is ironic since the game was released by Epic, the creator of Unreal and the biggest competitor of id's Quake franchise.
  • Numerous unofficial maps have been made by players of newer games that recreate maps from Doom and Doom II.
  • The PC game Muppets Inside features a Doom parody starring the Swedish Chef taking on giant killer vegetables with various kitchenware.
  • In the Simpsons game Virtual Springfield there is a minigame with a parody of Doom in which Apu fights off squishee-throwing bullies in his shop with a broom, shotgun and a weapon similar the BFG, causing them to explode in a bloody mess.
  • Doom, as well as "Labyrinth of Death" (Лабиринт Смерти), a fictional virtual reality multiplayer game inspired by Doom ideas and images, is extensively featured in the Labyrinth of Reflections trilogy by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko.
  • In an early episode of Friends, Chandler suggests playing Doom while using his laptop help Ross decide between Julie or Rachel.
  • In an episode of "The Simpsons", Homer is in a career consultant's office and the consultant is playing Doom.
  • The game was shown briefly during an episode of Family Guy (Season 4B, Episode 4, "PTV"). The opening credits for this show were done in the style of The Naked Gun, with Stewie Griffin driving his Big Wheel through various pop culture references. During this sequence, Stewie drives through the fifth level of Doom and rams an Imp, killing it.

If we are going to have an article like this, I suggest that it be renamed Doom in popular culture, and that Songs which sample Doom sound effects be merged into it.  The strategy guides probably deserve their own articles, if they were widely used at the time.  Additionally, we should always think long and hard before using non-free images other than Doom map views and Doom screen shots.    Ryan W 18:09, 19 March 2007 (UTC)