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I think the new images clutter up the article. It might be better to put them into a thumbnail gallery, like in E1M1: Hangar (Doom), for example, or maybe just cut the number of photos back down to one or two. Fraggle 00:06, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Toke It Up[edit]


I'd like to come up in here and be sappy with you today but I know you're not really going to buy that. You'd probably tell me how gay I am for it if you could. The truth is I miss you a lot man. Remember when we played our first net games against each other and I would try and snipe you with the chain gun on map13? It never quite worked out the way I hoped it would.

Through the many years we jumped from Doomserv, CSdoom, ZDaemon, and Odamex together you made me strive to get better and to whip ass until I could even beat you. You're just lucky we never got to LAN together man, it would've hurt to school you so bad in person.

When we weren't doing Doom, we were shooting the shit over AIM for all those years, trolling IRC, or I was dodging your calls to me at 4am. You were really just a cool dude, not that you don't know this I'm sure. I hope wherever you are now you're owning the heavens in map01. I miss you a lot man.

Toke it up -Ralph

Dylan, Tomarrow it will be six years... fuck man i am still crying. i love you brother and i miss you everyday man i have a wife and family now and i still cant even think about doom or gaming at all without thinking about you. i Still use your control config you taught me so long ago with every game. i want you here man. i wouldnt be the man i am today without you. i remeber being about 10 years old and going to your house and playing the new badass game doom with you on your dads computer. then we would watch star trek and shoot off some roman candles and shit. i love you toke, you are and will always be the best friend i have ever had. i miss you bro. -Ganja