Talk:E2M3: Refinery (Doom)


I don't like to remove specific tactical advice from walkthroughs because, in general, different people are going to get stuck in different areas on a given map.  However, the following items were in this article yesterday.

Go around the cacodemon cage (to the right is best) and go through the western doorway on the south wall.

Um... what?  The cage looks pretty symmetrical to me.

There are two semi-hidden doors in [the blue armor room]; they are off-texture portions of the wall, bordered by brown metal. If you are playing with an OpenGL port, a slime trail is also visible if you look at the walls closely.

I saw this too actually, but given that gameplay is unaffected, I'm not sure how it fits into a map article.  I mean, what versions of OpenGL are affected?  What OSes?  What node builders?  Does it show up in the same place every time?  In light of the heated conversations people sometimes have about GL nodes, do we need to think about a self-contained technical article, with general statements about all maps?

Oh yeah, and I was using -videodriver directx, so maybe that isn't the explanation for this case anyway.   :P     Ryan W 15:08, 1 June 2008 (UTC)