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This is sad. Eric Harris is hardly a person of note in the modern Doom community. I move that this page be stricken. - Giomancer 23:07, 2 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Eric Harris is a minor, relevant figure in the history of the Doom Community[edit]

Eric Harris is part of the historical Doom community, which I think the Doom Wiki should include as well as all the necessary information about the modern Doom community.

I am the person responsible for inserting the recent entries on Columbine and Eric Harris. I did this becuase I found empty links to these names in other entries, and thought the entries needed to be written. I did not write them to glorify Harris or his actions, or to imply that Doom somehow imply that Doom was resonsible for Columbine, but rather to present objective and relevant fact.

OK, I grant you that much. But please register with a nick instead of an IP. IP postings annoy me. :\ (no worries, no one's going to force you. :P ) - Giomancer 02:09, 3 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Call for merge[edit]

Jdowland failed to talk me out of this when he had the chance, so I am now opening a wider debate.  :>

Notwithstanding the immense Wikipedia article about the shooting, Harris and Klebold became notable for our purposes only because the shooting was somehow associated with Doom, and similarly for the Harris levels as compared to any other non-descript WAD of the period.  I therefore seriously doubt that either this article or Harris levels will ever be much longer (keeping in mind that the latter is not a walkthrough), and I propose that a unified treatment would read more coherently, not grow to an inordinate size, and omit the duplicate information in these two articles.

As a peripheral benefit, merging would also exclude this article and the hypothetical Klebold article permanently from Category:Memorial, whereas we keep insisting that we are not commemorating the killers.  (If we just removed them normally, I think a well-meaning but literalist editor would eventually come along and insert them again per the category description.  Like with those "Wikipedians born in 19##" categories, which seemed to be recreated on a weekly basis.)

We do of course have a policy that any released map is notable enough for its own article.  If someone writes an ordinary walkthrough for the Harris levels, that's fine, but IMHO that article should have the same name as the WAD, like every other walkthrough does, to make the gameplay discussion distinct from the Columbine discussion (which are completely separate topics).

I've merged this and Harris levels into the columbine article and added a redirect for Dylan Klebold as well. Fraggle 21:38, 5 May 2007 (UTC)