Recently I entered to this Doom wikia, the article says that only 6 characters have a Gib death, however once I saw a Demon having a Gib death.

That happened to me about 10 years ago, a Demon was chasing me and there was a Revenant farther behind us, then the Revenant uses its homing missiles and hit the Demon, so the Demon instead of dying in the traditional way IT DIED GIBBED. there an explanation about this? that means Demons can be gibbed too or it was an extremely rare situation? or a glitch?

I would love to take a screenshoot about it but I was 11 years old so I didn't know that I could do it =(

† JuanPa †

Well, no matter what the Demon will never gib. Unless you are playing a modified version of Doom, some rare memory corruption occurs, you saw something else gib, or you were dreaming. GhostlyDeath 18:01, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
    • lolz, I'd rather think it was a rare memory corruption or something similar, it wasn't a modified version, I was playing Plutonia (don't remember which map) and that Demon was alone, no other monster was there and I was in front of him so I saw it dying, that surprised me because I already knew Demons can't gib, but... I don't how could it happen. It was the only time that it occured.

† JuanPa †