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Finale music[edit]

The reference added is not compelling as it does not come from any kind of authoritative source. The only real authoritative source on the references in the music would be Mick Gordon himself, and unfortunately I don't think he's even allowed to talk about the soundtrack any longer. Either way, the portion of the music pointed out is a single interval, a diminished 5th. This is such a common interval in music, especially for denoting an atmosphere of foreboding or evil, that this could have been a coincidence. The plain fact of the matter is that ZeniMax was still doing research as to whether they even owned legal rights to the Doom 64 soundtrack while we were working on the port of it and that wasn't cleared up until part-way through that process. I'd be extremely surprised if Mick was allowed to put references into it in the main Eternal soundtrack while this was still going on. --Quasar (talk) 00:52, 4 August 2021 (CDT)

I see. Well, the music pointed out actually plays twice in the official video and in game, depending on how the player enters the second phase.
And it's already accepted that one of the Exultia ambient themes is a reference to 64, same with the Betrayer's theme. And the 64 Intro is in the game as an unlockable track, so I believe they were able to use the music in the official soundtrack. But anyways, I hope this'll clear it up. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Justan.01 (talkcontribs) .