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Name changes[edit]

Hi, this edit by an anonymous IP (in the USA) was not yet accepted because sources are inconsistent: this supports it, but this doesn't (English translation). Can you shed more light on this?

Also, a redirect was created (by a Russian IP) that I initially updated to point to the much better known IDL which starts with the same two words. For recognizability, "Russian Doom" was a clear name, but "International Doom" (now apparently bi-lingual, not yet very international, IMHO) is not so distinct and too easily connected with the established but unrelated IDL. So you may want to reconsider this name change. Until then I'd pause further wiki edits on these topics. --Xymph (talk) 07:20, 3 March 2022 (CST)

You may wish to refer to this Doomworld topic as well. The author changed the port's name because of a certain invasion happening right now. Gauss (talk) 07:27, 3 March 2022 (CST)
I believe the person in question at least identifies as female - there's evidence pointing to it on their DW profile as well (note the name history). I'd imagine the sole reason for the inconsistency is that the website hasn't been updated with the proper information yet. --MF38 (talk) 08:55, 3 March 2022 (CST)
Sorted in chronological order. I understand one site has not been updated (yet), but updating the wiki while things are still in a state of flux can be perilous (it's happened before with WADs still in development). If edits by third parties lead to further/different edits by the primary source or reviewers, that would be a slightly annoying waste of energy. Given a port rename was already suggested, it's better to wait, then clear up all the changes/inconsistencies in one go. --Xymph (talk) 10:00, 3 March 2022 (CST)
I am currently in discussions with her on twitter as to what to do with this article. We were previously asked to keep it as it was due to personal reasons but it appears that may have changed. --Quasar (talk) 11:08, 3 March 2022 (CST)