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Programming Category[edit]

3D Game Alchemy (and by extension, I would suppose Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus as well, but I have the Alchemy edition) isn't actually about programming a Doom clone engine; it's an editing guide in similar vein to the one from Hank Leukart. Out of what I have on my bookshelf, André LaMothe's "Black Art of 3D Game Programming" could be a better fit to what the section header describes. -- ETTiNGRiNDER (talk) 07:32, 14 November 2016 (CST)

Ah OK. I had based my assumption on the fact that the similarly named "Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus" is exactly what it sounds like. It's hard to find info on some of these books w/o owning them. Any improvement in accuracy you can make is welcome. --Quasar (talk) 08:58, 14 November 2016 (CST)
I own this one, I concur, it's an editing book not programming. Moved accordingly. I'm surprised that TOTGPG is a programming book, Ive never read it but I always thought 3DGA was a 2nd edition of it.
I wonder if Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book belongs on this page somewhere. -- Shambler (talk) 10:27, 14 November 2016 (CST)

Final Doom unauthorized guide's title[edit]

I feel like the current wording of the new note stating that "[t]he book itself uses the former title" may be a little misleading. The book (at least in my copy, I don't think it was published in multiple editions?) uses both titles. On the front cover and spine it does indeed say "Final Doom Game Secrets Unauthorized" while the inside title page uses the "Final Doom Unauthorized Secrets" version, so it seems unsurprising that sites would index it under the title that appears on the cover. -- ETTiNGRiNDER (talk) 11:46, 15 October 2018 (CDT)

Ah OK, I see. Feel free to change it up if you can think of a better way to put it. --Quasar (talk) 16:42, 15 October 2018 (CDT)