SDL Doom vs lsdldoom[edit]

Me (GhostlyDeath) and Quasar` were discussing source port based, however both of us didn't know about SDL Doom and lsdldoom. I diffed the stuff and determined the following:

  • lsdldoom is based off SDL Doom
  • SDL Doom is most likely based off Linux Doom 1.10, the original source
  • lsdldoom is took code from Boom (seen from K and CPH comments) or actually is Boom.

Anyway from SDL Doom to lsdldoom

  • Header changes (for every file)
  • Indentation changes
  • More comments describing what functions do
  • Automap: Added rotation and overlay support [BOOM]
  • Automap: Certain things such as keys use special markers such as keys [BOOM]
  • Dehacked: Added DeHackEd Support [BOOM]
  • Blah

Pretty much, i'd say it's based off Boom or just LxDoom switched to SDL from SVGA or whatever. The LxDoom article says "Eventually, the LxDoom and PrBoom projects merged. Because of its portability, bug fixes and strong backwards compatibility, LxDoom formed the basis for the new version of PrBoom. The new version is based on LibSDL, which makes it quickly portable to many different operating systems. ". SDL Doom is originally based on Linux Doom 1.10.

So in short, lsdldoom == LxDoom w/ SDL interface and other changes.

GhostlyDeath 21:07, June 14, 2010 (UTC)