Talk:MAP20: Unholy Cathedral (Console Doom)


Possible bug[edit]

In the original level, secret #5 is a hidden alcove in the central area that can be opened with the yellow key. On PSX (and Jaguar, looking at the map), the door doesn't appear to open or have any locked-door actions, so the secret is apparently unreachable.

Interestingly, when I used PsyDoom's noclip cheat to get into the alcove, the hidden door opened correctly when I walked over the trigger line. A few moments later, most of the ceilings in the level shut like doors! From what SLADE tells me, I suspect that line #505 is responsible for this - it has action 105 (WR Door Open Wait Close (fast)), but has tag 0 so it could affect every sector in the level without a tag.

Can anyone confirm this? Gauss (talk) 11:27, 26 January 2021 (CST)