Talk:MAP30: Tyrant's Starless Realms (2048 Units of /vr/)


The top of the map has a message thanking the player for playing 2048. On the bottom, along some teleport closets and VooDoo boxes, is text saying "Fuck PrBoom+ for its broken generalized walkover crusher linedefs" This arose from the frustrating discovery that generalized walkover linedefs were broken in Boom ports, and had actually been broken since the 90s, with only the ZDoom ports fixing it. That problem has since been fixed, but it was annoying at the time, because I thought there was something wrong with the VooDoo setups at first.

Map 30 was a bit hair tearing to put together, the VooDoo sequences took some figuring out, but it seems to work in the end. The wounding mechanic for the boss seems like it's maybe not entirely reliable, and that it sometimes doesn't do exactly as what it's supposed to, but I've yet to hear of anyone being softlocked for it. May have to do with how floor scrollers behave slightly differently in some ports, and shots registering on switches before they're supposed to. The hidden barons (and archies keeping them alive) that are supposed to be the boss's turrets doesn't seem to work all that well, and mostly I've seen complaints that it makes it difficult to get 100% kills, lol, probably I should have asked for a custom actor or something, but I was already pushing it with the few custom textures for this level.

The concept of the level is some sort of dimensional fold somewhere between hell and our reality, which is little more than an empty black void (which in fact would probably "curve in on itself" rather than continuing endlessly, seemingly it also has gravity inside for some reason), where this large and grotesque growth hangs down from somewhere, maybe a rift going into hell, where this flesh thing comes from and continues into. The Tyrant thing I guess hides there for some reason, maybe the player pursued him into there from more 'normal' hell. Not sure what the thing you shoot repeatedly is supposed to actually represent, perhaps some sort of phylactery or some such thing.

Put this information in the article if you want or not. You can verify that I'm ChopBlock223 by PM'ing me on DoomWorld or something. I can provide a bit more information about some other maps as well. The Extra maps have the wrong map images on their pages btw. 20:27, 30 March 2022 (CDT)

Extra map views replaced, thanks for the heads-up. --Xymph (talk) 03:36, 31 March 2022 (CDT)