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Doesn't Doom take place on the moons of Mars?[edit]

Doom 3 takes place on Mars. Doom partially takes place on the moons of Mars. I don't think we should really be saying that Doom takes place on Mars. Do you agree?

Basically, yes. According to Hank Leukart's Doom FAQ (which seems to have the only solid plot description for the game IMO) the UAC was based on Mars -and- its moons. "You" are stationed on Mars until bad stuff happens on Phobos and Deimos disappears (the moons were where the military was conducting experiments, not the planet). Your platoon flies out to Phobos, everyone dies but you, and that's where the game begins. Episode 1 takes place on Phobos, Episode 2 takes place on Deimos, Episode 3 takes place in Hell and Episode 4 and Doom 2 take place on Earth. Nowhere in the original games does Mars actually come into play except when mentioned in the FAQ just like that. Zack 21:48, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

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