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I just linked this walkthrough from all 27 map articles.  I really like it because it demonstrates both the laudable aspects of the game (realism, lighting, sounds, plot cohesion) and the annoying aspects (realism, repetitious enemy placement, monster closets, lack of duct tape).    Ryan W 16:23, 9 October 2011 (UTC)

Mars City as a setting[edit]

Mars City is one of the main settings of Doom 3, and two levels take place in the main complex of Mars City: the introduction level and Mars City: Union Aerospace Corporate Division. Would it make sense to create a main article for the Mars City setting and link both levels from there? Or should we include some more general info about the setting on this page?--Tetzlaff (talk) 04:35, 7 March 2021 (CST)

Seems to already exist: Mars City (Location) --Quasar (talk) 12:19, 7 March 2021 (CST)
Oh, thanks, I wasn't aware of that page. Nice pictures. Well, then I will link that page here.--Tetzlaff (talk) 15:33, 7 March 2021 (CST)