Differences between JIMSDOOM.WAD and PSXDOOM.WAD[edit]

  • BSPIC2C8, CYBRG3, PAIND2D8, SPIDC5F5, SKELG2, MANFA1, BRICK02, GORE10, SFALL3, SWNEW06, and GATE05 are modified in some way

Sums for PSXDOOM.WAD are md5: d9488a08be97b1cfddeaa5c0c1f0aec6, crc32: 2a4b85e7, and sha1: 3f2ec41558998409dc95e491a66a034a76a5813b.

The Playstation has the early map files named with a leading 0 (map01.wad, map02.wad, maptex01.img, etc), but the md5sums for all files are the same. Blzut3 20:00, 1 November 2012 (UTC)