Talk:Par times hidden in Final Doom after idclev or reload


This was the IRC explanation the other day.    Ryan W 04:41, 29 September 2011 (UTC)

[15:48] xttl heh, i found a small bug in vanilla that chocolate doom doesn't emulate

[15:48] xttl it only affects ultimate doom, final doom and anthology final doom though (not regular 1.9)

[15:49] xttl if you start a new game from the menu or use -warp from command line, you get par times in intermission screens in doom2 mode

[15:49] xttl but if you use idclev it doesn't display them

[15:52] xttl oh loading a save also disables them

[15:53] xttl cpars[] times don't really apply to final doom anyway but the original final doom executables do display them unless you load a save or use idclev