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1-10-2022 Hey there, I'm Peccatum Mihzamiz. Thank you for making this page and maintaining it! I don't like editing my own wiki so won't, but will provide some more maps I made in 2021 that have yet to be included, at your own discretion.

PUSS VIII: Speed Squared will receive one more map of mine: Fearless Symmetries. The map slot is yet to be determined. It will be one of the secret maps.

PUSS X: Summer of Slaughter will have five of my maps: -Joy of the Blood of the Stars -Lightning over the Beyond -Monodie -From the Canyons to the Stars -The Forgotten Offering (map slots yet to be finalized)

PUSS XI: Anniversary Under the Sea will have eight of my maps: -Quiet Place -Beach Buster -Titans -Speluncaphobia -Flatform Bridge -Mirrors are More Fun than Television -Death’s A Beach -For Kings and Planets (map slots yet to be finalized)

PUSS XIII: TH1RT3EN E3M8 – Cocytus E4M6 – Forest of Hidden Screams

PUSS XIV: 12 MORE Days of Doommas! MAP02 - Make the Yuletide Slay

The wiki aims to avoid covering WADs that are still in a state of flux. Originally this required an idgames release before getting listed, but with forum RCs getting more and more included in the Cacowards in recent years, this rule has been relaxed. But still, a WAD should be stable before being listed, as having to go back to existing entries and update slots/names of maps is just creating additional work for no benefit. --Xymph (talk) 12:51, 10 January 2022 (CST)

__ 1-11-2022|Peccatum Mihzamiz| Thank you for your quick and kind reply Xymph, and for further adding those maps that are in a stable enough wad at the moment. I completely understand your point, thank you for clarifying! All the best, Peccatum. __