"An old Doom map was the inspiration for 2forts, as well as TF itself" - PlanetFortress

I'd be interested to know what map that was. Draconio 14:49, 1 May 2005 (UTC)

Who are Paul Butterfield and David Keyes, and what have they done to justify being quoted here? Somebody needs to dot "NAME, of X" or "Noted journalist NAME" or some such here and there.-Ashley Pomeroy 22:46, 16 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Agreed. I think direct quotes are something which should definitely be supported by a citation, and there's not much point in citing people who are not notable in the community or industry. -- Jdowland 21:44, 14 December 2006 (UTC)
Also agreed. Also who is user They seem to have added a spurious Paul Butterfield entry. That is vandalism. Again some suggested criterion for Quotes:
- a member of IDSoftware/Raven/Rouge
- a journalist from a reputed Games magazine
- a journalist from serious magazine like Time, Newsweek magazine
- some one famous like Trent Reznor
Quotes should not be from "someone" that has everyone asking "who are they?"
IDLover 15:45, 10 May 2007 (UTC)
AFAICT this page is difficult to maintain because it doesn't have inline citations, which would (theoretically, anyway) allow people to verify things by looking them up.  On this wiki, we almost never copy text verbatim, so generally we don't need that, but here I think it would clear up a lot of these problems.
IDLover, if you would still want the above criteria even in that case, then I fear I must disagree with you again.  IMHO, for a topic with no existing body of scholarly research (video games as a whole barely have one), anecdotes are just as constructive to include as formal journalism.  Obviously we wouldn't quote every single AOL and Usenet post ever written, and probably we want some credentials to back up quantitative facts (like the details of a company's anti-deathmatch policy in the mid-1990s), but I dislike the idea that one needs a shiny badge in order to have expressed one's opinion about Doom in some memorable way.    Ryan W 18:00, 11 May 2007 (UTC)
If my memory serves me correctly, Paul Butterfield and David Keyes are both video game journalists (I don't remember which magazine Butterfield works/worked for, but I'm rather sure Keyes worked for PC Gamer). I also agree with Ryan W in that it should be allowed to add notable quotations whether the expression was made by a notable person or not. IMO it wouldn't be a very good idea to remove interesting, relevant or entertaining quotes just because they were originally expressed by someone "unimportant". Besides, if someone adds a clearly unworthwile quote, we can always vote for its removal here, can't we? Janizdreg 01:54, 12 May 2007 (UTC)