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Possibility of an update regarding H3llraich[edit]

The following paragraphs are copied directly from a post I made in this thread over at the Doomworld forum.

"With the realization that my full name has been more or less public knowledge for a while in some parts of the Internet - and that I actually wrote it into the readme file of a couple of my prior works - I decided to take the time to update the readme files of all my Doom wads with consistent author info. That is, instead of either "MFG38/H3llraich" or just "MFG38", the readme files for all of my works now state my full name and the MFG38 nickname in the Author section. Of course, this means that the readme of Luciferian Lust too got said treatment.

With that, the last references to my old nickname H3llraich have been removed, at least from my own works. Perhaps this information will also be useful in case the H3llraich page on the Doom Wiki ever gets updated. Or better yet, if a new page with my current nickname gets created and the old H3llraich page redirects to the hypothetical new one."

So, putting emphasis on that second paragraph, what's the possibility of such an update? I attempted it myself yesterday, but it looks as though pages on the wiki can't be renamed, unless the permission to do so is limited to a select group of members. If not that's the case either, the obvious final choice would be creating a whole new page.

The reason I'm asking this is that following the author info update, I hope that a reference as prominent as this to the old nickname can be removed on the wiki as well. Some mention of it could still be a good thing to have, of course, but ultimately, it'd ideally be something like "formerly known as H3llraich" at best. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by MF38 (talkcontribs) .

There, moved. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Gez (talkcontribs) .