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Custom things mapping[edit]

The content descriptions and DECORATE lumps allowed to compile the following custom things mapping file for DMMPST (TSV format):

# class	thingID	wikiname	wikilink
0	30119	Follower of D'Sparil	Sold Soul#New monsters
0	30123	Shadow beast	Sold Soul#New monsters
0	25677	Chaos wyvern	Sold Soul#New monsters
0	6011	Chaos serpent	Sold Soul#New monsters
0	30114	Deathknight	Sold Soul#New monsters
0	12399	Beast of the Betrayer	Sold Soul#New monsters
2	22115	Lightbringer	Sold Soul#New weapon
3	22116	Sun runes	Sold Soul#New weapon
3	22117	Nova runes	Sold Soul#New weapon
4	10467	Red apple	Sold Soul#New items
4	11898	Rune platebody	Sold Soul#New items
5	14774	Lich skull	Sold Soul#New items

Please let me know any improvements/corrections. And here's how you can help with mapping files for other WADs. --Dynamo128 (talk) 12:17, 13 February 2022 (CST)