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The Soul Cube is a featured character in the FHD Remix novel located at None of what is below is canon in the game. In it, the personalities of the 144,000 souls it possesses manifest, and the four eyes in the center of its face may open to show one or two individual souls, usually a parent and child. The Soul Cube was manufactured by quantum particle teleporters, which are distinct from the teleporters in the game, which are called unitary teleporters in FHD Remix. A quantum particle teleporter teleports a single subatomic particle at a time. Once developed (during the ancients' war), the first thing they used it for was to build a faster computer to run it. After a billion-fold increase in computing power had been accomplished, and the lab close to being overrun, the 144,000 of the survivors were physically teleported into the Soul Cube. One or more miniaturized quantum particle teleporters and the required computers were incorporated into the Soul Cube as well, giving it the ability to heal its wielder using the flesh of an adversary. It is also equipped with an electrogravitic propulsion system, the reason for which will soon be obvious. At an average of fifty-five kilograms per person, the calculated mass came to 7,920 tonnes. The reason why its mass could not be measured by the UAC is because it was pretending to be an ordinary object, but doing a bad job of it. Two characters other than the wielder described that it had a delayed response in their hands, as though it had to decide whether or not to move with the character's hands. It of course, would seem rather odd that Betruger could take it into hell, so he forces it through using telekinesis, the Soul Cube struggling all the way.

FHD Remix' Soul Cube also had plans to deploy, that is, build a city of a very specific design, meant to survive Armageddon's aftermath should the struggle witht he demons ever be lost. This had been decided months before I encountered this prescient video by Scott Pagano:

Fhd remix 18:59, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

The whole thing should not be a spoiler.[edit]

The whole thing should not be a spoiler. It should be reformatted so that anyone reading it can't read it. GhostlyDeath 07:57, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

Soul Cube charging[edit] 13:42, December 16, 2010 (UTC):the monsters that the soul cube kill by attacking it or by splash damage, do these monsters charge the soul cube? what about the monsters that the doom guy kills in time that soul cube is attacking?

secondly does the splash damage of the soul cube transfers the enemies health to the user?