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The article is missing some instances where this bug may occur[edit]

@Quasar: Sorry for the article's accuracy. I've explained the bug as best as I could from my observations. When you've rewritten the article, you've erased an important part that I will reformulate: "When an actor and a wall's vertex are at the same distance from the player, the part of the actor's sprite that is inside the wall may start flickering when the players moves and this is due to imprecise calculations in the Doom engine." See this video: The engine will only clip a sprite that's on a wall if the sprite crosses a vertex on the screen. Otherwise, it will appear to be "over" the wall. See this picture: Strife is not the only game that draws sprites through floors when looking down. I have screenshots of this bug taken in Heretic (and a savegame).

-- AXDOOMER 20:33, 5 February 2014 (UTC)

I removed that portion because it sounds like a different problem to me, and I don't like separate problems being conflated together as it leads to an inaccurate understanding of the rendering engine. If I have misunderstood and these are the same or related problems, then reintroducing that text here may be appropriate. Either that or, if it is related only in the sense of being an additional sprite clipping issue other than the one the bulk of this article is currently talking about, then address it in a completely separate section and not enjambed into the middle of a paragraph about the other problem. --Quasar (talk) 22:24, 5 February 2015 (UTC)
I don't see these as the same issue, but they are definitely related. I wouldn't create a new article for vertices that cause sprites to be improperly clipped against walls. My first reason is that it's a very small issue, secondly I don't consider it a bug and third, drawing sprites in a 3D environment can't be compared with how things are seen in the real world because 2D doesn't exist, thus it's up to a person's personal preferences to judge if Doom represents its world accurately. If a different article was added for the issue that you consider a different problem, then sprites that are drawn inside the floor may be considered as another bug, but it's done to prevent sprites from looking like they are floating. I don't consider it a bug, it's a limitation on how 2D objects can be represented in a 3D environment. Some people may even consider this tree ( that looks too big as a bug. Another article shouldn't be created, but it should be at least mentioned somewhere. Since it's more of a question of preferences and that it's easy to be biased on how Doom should draw sprites to be perfect, I will abstain myself from adding these facts to the article. If you'd like me to go further in my argumentation or to clarify one of my points, you're welcome to ask. It becomes really philosophical when it's time to determine how two things that are at an equal distance should be drawn in the Doom Engine. -- AXDOOMER 23:25, 5 February 2014 (UTC)