Sprite/illustration differences and possible dev intentions[edit]

Given the differences between Macil's ingame sprite vs. his profile pic, it reminded me that the player sprite looks even more different than his illustrated counterpart. This is probably a result of poor communication and/or different work timelines between the artists, but I wonder if Strifeguy himself is still supposed to look anything like a Front soldier in the campaign mode.

I say this because you never see your sprite when in first person, you only see it in multiplayer. It would make sense to have a generic soldier as a deathmatch pawn. Strifeguy was a wandering merc before joining the Front and he never was depicted as being given a uniform. The Order mooks also tend to not recognize him as a Front soldier in the "peaceful" and stealth sections and just take him for a normal civvie. I think they know what a Front uniform looks like so there's a good chance he's not wearing one. Of course, he still wears Front gloves in first person no matter what, but I doubt they wanted to make a whole different set just for deathmatch and they probably didn't put TOO much thought into it.

Is it worth including any of this speculation in the article? Sodaholic (talk) 22:44, 26 January 2015 (UTC)