Coloured Projectiles[edit]

Those coloured projectiles are from HacX version 2.0, not from an unknown mod :p CKeen

Indeed, but this article is about the original version of HacX, not a fan made mod. For instance, I doubt that information on the "HeXen: Edge of Chaos" mod weapons, when that mod is released, will be added to the HeXen weapon pages. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Verm (talkcontribs) .

Well, I wouldn't call it a "fan-made mod" as it is about as much canonical as chex quest 3 is. Though yeah you got a point here, I think we should specify that the blue particles are from a beta version. Or I should simply take a screenshot without them. CKeen

Chex Quest 3 as I understand it was made by someone who worked on Chex Quest 1 and 2. But I'm sure that if HacX 2.0 is completed, it will get its own separate page(s) here on the wiki that the main HacX article will be updated to contain a link to.

That said, you are right that HacX 2.0, though in no way official or canonical, is a different sort of mod to say Plutonia2; Having a whole new page for HacX 2.0's Tazer (or any other weapon in HacX2.0 that has a similar visual tweak) simply to say that the only difference to the original is that it leaves different puff's is pointless. So is writing a paragraph stating it on the original HacX Tazer page.

I imagine that the Hacx 2.0 main page, when it is made, will have a list of differences between it and the original HacX. A general bullet point in that list saying that "certain visual aspects have been "improved"" would be sufficient to cover that there are new puffs for one or more of the weapons in HacX 2.0.Verm