Talk:Tech Gone Bad


This level does feature lots of tutti-frutti artifacts and even medusa artifacts (I guess no-one bothered to test it properly in either Doom+ or Crispy Doom 1.0 [yes, that version, which is basically Chocolate Doom with double resolution, native support for nerve.wad and increased limits. Nothing more]). Is this considered a noteworthy bug taking into account this is, supposedly, a map for limit-removing source ports? DoomeroHispalense (talk) 21:50, 24 May 2018 (CDT)

IMO the published format description should be taken in the context of whatever ports were mainstream during its development.  Doom+ is DOS-only, so hasn't been widely used in nearly two decades, if it even was then.  If I were beta testing a limit-removing map, I would try it in PrBoom+ (first the vanilla complevel for the IWAD, then complevel -1 with all the retro options on) and Odamex.  An error seen in both of those would be a bug.  A common anomaly in other circumstances, e.g. using the latest GZDoom or Brutal Doom, goes under Trivia or Notes instead; see Void for some examples.    Ryan W (living fossil) 12:26, 1 June 2018 (CDT)