Talk:Timeline of source port releases


I do not like the idea of maintaining three separate time lines for (1) Doom in general, (2) mod releases and (3) source port releases. In my opinion it would make more sense to keep all entries in one big time line and indicate mod releases, source port releases and console releases by different colors.

I have to disagree. The focus of the original Timeline article was always almost strictly on "canonical" events - "real world" happenings with mainstream media-type signficance, until a recent set of edits made on this version of the wiki which added only a bit of the information held here. As you can see this article has now been significantly expanded, and still has room for yet more expansion, and will only grow over time. There are too many events in these classes to fold these articles together. The result will be too long for reading or ease of use.
Multiple periods of time were allowed for discussion of this idea on Central Processing, on the talk page for Timeline, and elsewhere, and for a period of almost four months no one provided input. I consider the issue to be closed and resolved at this point. --Quasar (talk) 16:49, 27 May 2014 (UTC)