Talk:Types of death


Should a crushing death be included here? I ask because it's not entirely clear whether a "death sequence" in this list has to be a specific death animation or simply a way to die.

If it is the latter, then being smushed (usually by a crushing ceiling) should definitely be included. If it is the former, it's probably debatable. Usually in Doom a character under a crushing ceiling will have a "normal" death sequence, and then be flattened into pulp, meaning that this should not be on the list because it is a normal death and THEN a crushing.

However I have recollections of times where the death sequence was skipped entirely and the enemy (while obscured by the crushing ceiling) would immediately turn into pulp, making it a death sequence all on its own and a good candidate for this list. I can't remember if this only happened in a version before 1.9. (I also remember that if this happened, Doom would "forget" to make it so the player can pass "through" the crushed enemy; in other words you were unable to step over the pulp.) Zack 23:20, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

If anybody is curious: Doom v1.2 does contain this bug, which occurs when a fast crusher kills a monster (or player?) before a death animation can be played. I do not know which version fixed the bug. (I added this to Bugs as Crushed monsters block player movement.)
Death animations will play for slow crushers but not fast crushers. Regardless, I added crushing death to the list of deaths here. Zack 07:37, 25 December 2007 (UTC)