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Interpolation implementations missing[edit]

Each source port with this "feature" has differently implemented it; Eternity Engine uses the methods Odamex uses, ZDoom adds interpolation to the weapon bobbing AND centring the view with keyboard look keys and also a little on the monsters (but not particles), Doomsday has "skating" monsters, and the list goes on. It might be best to have a table with all of these. Table below is not sourced and is for example ONLY (and I'm just going by what I know by playing these ports)

Interpolation features
Source Port Viewpoint Weapon Monsters Flair Camera
ZDoom Yes Yes Partially No Yes
Eternity Engine Partially No Partially No N/A
Vavoom Partially Yes Fully Yes Yes
Odamex Partially No Partially No N/A
Doomsday Yes Yes Fully Yes N/A

If that's too much though, disregard it. I just feel that it might be a little dishonest to not explain the differences in implementation, "completeness" in implementation, and so on. ConSiGno (talk) 12:49, 5 October 2015 (CDT)