Technical TODO[edit]

It's no secret that when code is involved, I may do only half a job.  But if I do half the job and someone else can immediately see how to do the other half (instead of staring down a blank section), doesn't that result in a better article?

  • The counts of spawned monsters were introduced in this edit.  Adding them to the XymphBot tables gives 103 total, again excluding bishops and reivers summoned in the final battle.  I was able to get a few builds of ZDoom v2 running in a WinXP VM, and cheated through the level with a pencil and clipboard counting the kills.  There were either 99 or 100, matching the DSDA recordings.  Therefore, anyone wishing to improve the listing further must not revert, but reconcile the scripts with the playtesting.  If we think the author intended 103 monsters, we should explain why they may fail to appear, especially in stable releases such as v2.1.0.  If we think the author intended some other number, then a control structure is presumably at work and it is not enough to just scan through the lump counting function calls.
  • Cyb's readme simply says that "some slope bugs" were fixed.  The situation described here is the only one I could reproduce; static slopes, like the floors in the red key area, appeared fine in both WADs.
  • In cacovoid.lmp, all three secrets are obtained, as can be confirmed in the console output after playback ends.  The intermission screen says 66%.
  • Are the two missed monsters in clvoid52.lmp actually there, or have they gotten stuck in a loop somehow and never become shootable?  If the former, then the statement in the speedrun section is too weak: it would be possible to get 100% kills just by standing around after the Heresiarch dies.
  • Cyb forgot what script 20 did (per code comment), which suggests it is sufficiently subtle to document here. :>
  • The F10 > B error check in DeePsea, normally rock-solid, gives numerous results that I don't believe in this case.  Missing keys aren't really missing, missing textures probably aren't missing due to the texture manager feature (even though I have the 2011 edition which supposedly supports both ZDoom and ZDoom+Hexen), and unclosed sectors may well be intentional for sky effects (that's a guess though).  I didn't include any of it except the multiplayer starts.

Ryan W (living fossil) 13:33, 10 March 2018 (CST)

Custom things mapping[edit]

The DECORATE lump in the WAD defines the following custom things for the DMMPST things mapping file:

# class	thing	wikiname	wikilink
0	68	Spider	
0	7	Queen spider	
7	20000	Bishop statue	
6	20001	Blue skullkey (dummy)	
6	20002	Red skullkey (dummy)	
6	20003	Yellow skullkey (dummy)	
7	20004	Bridge	
7	20005	Huge yellow skullkey (dummy)	
3	20006	Demon heart	

Please let me know any improvements/corrections. And here's how you can help with mapping files for other WADs. --Xymph (talk) 05:55, 13 July 2018 (CDT)