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In a couple of hours I'll probably delete the dodgy content added today. It did raise the question as to whether the zombie variations deserved separate articles here: I don't think they do. -- Jdowland 15:17, 12 March 2006 (UTC)

New Zombie added[edit]

I added a new type of zombie only featured in Last Man Standing . This comment is just an advise who in the feature will read this article . —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)


In posession, the spirit posessing stays in the body. In the scene (that was left in the game, just on a computer screen now) described in the article, you will notice that the ghost (or demon) goes through the body and does not stay. This seems more like just some kind of magic, rather than a "posession" by definition. B10Reaper 20:01, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

I tried searching for the zombies that run and gun at you. The possessed soldiers.

I tried the taglines, "zombie soldier", "zombie with gun", I tried searching for "soldier" and "zombie" but nothing's showing up. For all I know, the wiki probably has no entry for 'commando zombie' either, does it?

These articles clearly need filling, since they're well defined enemies in the doom franchise, with their own iterations throughout all games (zombies that shoot at you that is).

There is a link to the zombie page in the article. Go look at that page and tell me there is no mention of commando zombie there. The ones you are talking about are Z-Sec Zombies. Look before you post man, it saves some time. B10Reaper 22:56, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Wrong Health Value[edit]

Deeply sorry for writing here again but I'm pretty sure that the Jumpsuit zombie has 80 health instead of 50. The .def files say 80 health as well, only the old ones say 100. But I trust Lil' Devil more than myself so I won't edit until it's confirmed. --Bonciu (talk) 09:51, 30 May 2023 (CDT)