Tarnsman's Projectile Hell

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Tarnsman's Projectile Hell
Cover art by Substance20Cover art by Substance20
Author Tarnsman
Ports Eternity Engine, ZDoom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Tarnsman's Projectile Hell, also known as TPH 12.3: Part 1A - The Prequel to Part B Galaxy's Brink!! The Super Incredible Bulgarian Necromancer of the East!! Fight for the Combined Justice of the Planet Sphere - Earth!! is a megawad released in May 2021 by Richard Frei (Tarnsman). The mod is split between four episodes set in a wide variety of locales, and includes a completely overhauled arsenal, many new enemies, and several modifications to already existing ones.

The full title of the mod is a reference to TH 12.3 Touhou Hisoutensoku, a popular fighting game from the Touhou Project franchise. All 36 maps as well as the four episodes themselves are also named after specific songs from the Touhou franchise. The only exception to this is episode 4, simply named after the game Hopeless Masquerade.

Tarnsman's Projectile Hell won a Cacoward in 2021.


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Custom monsters[edit]

Custom weapons[edit]

Tarnsman's Projectile Hell modifies the original Doom weapons as follows.

  • The fist has been replaced with a kicking attack, which can be boosted by a megazerk powerup.
  • The chainsaw is replaced with a "GOTDIGISAW", which is a double-bladed chainsaw. It functions the same as its Doom counterpart.
  • The pistol has been replaced by a "goddamn pistol" which fires faster and is perfectly accurate, but has to reload after fifteen bullets have been expended.
  • Another weapon in slot 2 is the "boring standard issue rifle". This weapon fires in small bursts of five shots each time it is fired.
  • The shotgun is replaced with the "almost-super shotgun", which fires at about the same rate of the shotgun, but has the spread and nearly as much power as a super shotgun blast.
  • The chaingun is replaced with the "bullet dispenser", which fires much faster.
  • The rocket launcher has new graphics, but is otherwise unchanged.
  • The plasma gun fires slower, yet stronger bolts.
  • The Slot 7 weapon is the "HE gauss shotgun". It is a super shotgun that fires explosive shells in a large spread. These shells have splash damage.

Custom items[edit]

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