Team Onslaught


Team Onslaught was a level editing team active in 1997-1998 formed of Tom Robinson (Mystican), Luke Cama (Spike), Vincent Fong (Vicious) and Simon Howard (Fraggle). Justin Saunders (DOMiNioN) joined for a brief time, contributing a level to Decamatch II: Annihilation.

The formation of the team was inspired by Team TNT, especially TNT: Evilution. Tom, Luke and Simon were schoolmates and Luke met Vincent online. The team intended to develop for several games; because of this, Duke Nukem appeared alongside the Doom guy in the logo, and the website also contained a Quake ranger. However, ultimately the only releases by the team were Doom-related.

The main releases by the team were Decamatch and Decamatch II: Annihilation, two sets of ten deathmatch levels released in 1997 and 1998, respectively. Eternal Khaos, another set of ten levels developed exclusively by Vincent and released in 1997, was loosely connected with the team, being available from the website. Simon also developed a Doom launcher program called OnsLaunch.

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