Techbase map


Graphic design by Tom Hall which established different techbase aesthetics for Doom.

A techbase map is a style of thematic mapping centered around the use of textures that represent high-tech technology and devices, such as: computers, circuits, consoles, virtual screens, electronic systems, cable networks, computer cards, etc, with the added usage of detailed geometry and level design that represents or captures the architecture of military or scientific bases. This style of map making is considered the primary style of Doom, being pioneered by designers such as John Romero through different maps in Knee-Deep in the Dead. As such, it is one of the most copied, recreated and honored styles throughout the history of WAD making, with a large number of maps being direct recreations or replacements of Knee-Deep in the Dead.

Two distinct forms of techbase map were established early on in Doom's original design document, the Doom Bible, by designer Tom Hall. Though much of the Doom Bible was discarded during development, these themes were retained and elaborated and formed the basis of much of the first two episodes of Doom. These were, respectively, the "clean" UAC style - modern, well-maintained military bases, scientific experimental laboratories, and huge banks of computers and machines - and the "rundown" UAC grunge style - old, largely abandoned facilities with rust, dust, dirt, and mold stains, and with broken or malfunctioning equipment.

Designs found in techbase maps[edit]

  • Computer boards
  • Server rooms
  • Circuit walls
  • Liquid cooling pools
  • Disposal exterior areas
  • Lampposts or tech lights
  • Power stations
  • Sector vehicles
  • Warehouses

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