Template:Cite mag

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Simple magazine citation template, APA style.


  • author: Principal author(s) or editor(s) of the article. Optional, but should be provided when available. Proper APA format is Last, First.
  • date: Date article was originally published. Required unless altdate is provided.
    • altdate: Provide an alternate date that does not fit an ISO date format, such as for quarterly publications or special issues.
  • title: Title of article. Required.
  • magazine: Title of magazine. Required. Will be automatically italicized.
  • issue: Issue number. Required. If volume is available, APA style is to provide it first and follow with the issue number in parentheses (such as: 3(4) ).
  • pages: Page(s) cited. Optional.

Note that parameters taking a date will be passed to the {{#time}} parser function, and thus can be in any valid ISO date format, but must be in such a valid format or the following error text will appear: Error: Invalid time. For more information, see the official time function documentation.