Template:Cite web

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Simple website citation template.


  • author: Principal author or editor of the work.
  • publishdate: Date article or page was originally published.
  • url: URL of the webpage. Required.
  • title: Title of article. Optional. If provided, this is used as the link text for the provided URL. Quotation marks will be automatically included.
  • publication: Title of publishing site, journal, blog, etc. Optional. If provided, will be automatically italicized.
  • retrievedate: Date article or page was retrieved by the wiki editor. Optional. If included, the text "Retrieved" will appear before the provided date.
  • accessdate: Alternate name for retrievedate.

Do not wrap the template tags in <ref> tags; that is done automatically by the template (unlike Wikipedia).

Note that parameters taking a date will be passed to the {{#time}} parser function, and thus can be in any valid ISO date format, but must be in such a valid format or the following error text will appear: Error: Invalid time. For more information, see the official time function documentation.